… And We’re Back!

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Looking at the terrible stories coming out of New Jersey and New York, I am grateful that we escaped as easily as we did.

We *did* lose power Monday night (after taunting the gods of electricity all day, watching T.V., baking banana bread and a pasta-with-sausage dish (in our electric oven) and cooking chicken fried rice (on our electric range.))  We had a handful of very brief outages, but at 10:00 it was gone for good (just in time for us to miss the T.V. show REVOLUTION, about life in a post-electric America ::wry grin::)

On Tuesday, we were pleased to discover that the mall across the street from us had power.  A lot of the places weren’t open, but Panera was doing a land-office business.  They’d called in all three managers, and they were feeding the masses — providing electrical outlets to many of them as well.  It was so crowded that we took our bagels down to the food court, where the diners were much older, much less hipster, and much less Anglo — interesting class divide.  (There are no outlets in the food court.)

After a day spent reading at home and a lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we headed back to the mall for the late afternoon screening of ARGO – a wonderful movie that set out to tell a story and told it well.  We enjoyed dinner at a nearby Tex-Mex place, then headed back home.

To our dark home.  To our dark, cold home.

Near as we could tell, there were only a couple of blocks in our little outage, so we braced for a long wait.  I set up a “reading station” at the center island in the kitchen, lighting candles so that I could read my print book.  Mark read from his iPad in the other room.  The cats fretted (and ate and drank *very* noisily – or maybe it only seemed that way, because nothing else was making noise!)  We read until around 11 and then went to bed.

I had trouble falling asleep because I was cold.  Just as I was contemplating getting out from under the duvet to add another layer of clothes, the power came back on, at 12:35 a.m.!  We made a quick circuit around the house to plug in electronics, and I reprogrammed the thermostat.  (It had gotten down to 62, which is our normal night-time low temp on the “heat” setting, but it felt much colder!)  We both slept very well once we got back in bed.

So, today is a day for catching up online.  I just got a notice from AirCanada, inviting me to sign in for tomorrow’s flight to Toronto and World Fantasy.  I made a quick run to the grocery store this morning, and I’ll do some laundry this afternoon, but other than that, we’re back in business!

(All of our storm prep was made *much* easier by having an emergency kit already prepared.  All we needed to do was bring the backpack upstairs, and we had ready access to flashlights, candles, matches, first aid kit, etc.  And we didn’t even need the first aid kit!)

Mindy, hoping to hear good news as more of New York comes back online…