Helping Kids (and a Bookstore, Too)

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Every year, Guys Lit Wire hosts a book fair for one of the many deserving schools in the U.S., encouraging readers to buy books to fill that school library.  This year, the school of choice is Ballou Senior High School, in Washington D.C.  Ballou has been the beneficiary of book fairs in the past — in 2011 there were just over 1,500 books in the library, or 1.25 for each of the nearly 1,200 students and now there are 5,484 books in the library.  (The American Library Association has a standard of 11 books per student.  Doing the math, that means that Ballou should have a minimum of 13,200 books in its library.)  Washington D.C., like many cities, has slashed its public library budget substantially.  Kids in D.C. have few places to get books to read.

Ballou’s school librarian has compiled a wishlist of books for the school library.  Powell’s Books (an independent bookstore) hosts that wishlist.  You can order books off the booklist and send them to Ballou.

Think about it — skip a lunch out or a couple of cups of coffee, and you can buy one or more books for kids who need them most!  The book fair only runs until October 14, so join in today!

You can read more about the book fair, including getting links to the wishlist and a mailing address for the books here:

Mindy, boggling a bit at the notion that she probably has more books in her house than Ballou (or at least than Ballou started with, before the book fairs…)