Sandy Couldn’t Ruin My Weekend

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Busy, busy weekend around here – and Sandy hasn’t hit with enough force (yet?) to keep me from telling you all about it!

On Thursday, we went to the Birchmere, to see Aimee Mann.  We attended one of her concerts a few years back, but she had laryngitis then.  This one was much more satisfying 🙂

On Friday, we headed down to the Newseum in the afternoon, for an exhibit about political campaigns.  It was interesting to see the evolution of the campaign system — from McKinley talking to a few reporters from the porch of his house to the monstrosities that we have today.  The exhibit did a good job of tracing the introduction of technology — radio, then TV, then Internet, etc.  (The artifacts in the exhibit were less thrilling, but that’s often how I feel about Newseum “things.”

After, we saw WAR HORSE at the Kennedy Center.  I was *amazed* by the horses — everything you’ve read about them is true.  The story itself is pretty simple, and the plight of the humans never got to me all that much.  The *horse’s* climactic scene, though…  Well, I found it disturbing.  In any case, I’m *really* glad that we saw the show — I’d wanted to, ever since I saw it listed in the coming attractions.  So often, I don’t get mobilized to get tickets for things, but I’m trying to change that.

On Saturday morning, I got up earlier than I wanted to and headed up to Baltimore, to visit my brother, who was there on business.  We ate brunch at Miss Shirley’s — a place near the Inner Harbor.  Walking there, we passed by sandbagged storefronts — folks were ready for Sandy!  It was amusing to see the difference in crowds on a regular weekend morning, compared to a Red Sox weekend (the only other times I’ve been to Miss Shirley’s.)

A breakfast feast later, we headed up to the Walters Art Museum, where we visited the main collection.  Paintings located beneath skylights, though, were wrapped in plastic, and sculpture in rooms with windows were wrapped in packing mats.  After a walk-through of the standard collection, my brother headed off to catch his flight, and I took in the special exhibit, all about the African presence in Renaissance Art.  This was a *beautifully* curated show, and new story ideas abounded.  (I find it incredibly sad that the only other museum in the country interested in bringing in the show is the Princeton Art Museum — this is one that should get a much broader viewing.)

Saturday evening, I headed over to the Balitmore Science Fiction Society, where I participated on a panel discussion with Brenda Clough, Jagi Lamplighter, and Jeri Smith-Ready (with Colleen Cahill moderating.)  The subject was “women in fantasy literature”; I stretched that to include “twelve-year-old girls with darkbeasts in fantasy literature” 🙂  It was fun to see old friends and to make new ones!

And now, it’s Monday, and we’re facing the beginning of Sandy.  By Wednesday morning, we will have seen about ten inches of rain and several hours of sustained winds around 70 mph.  We keep an emergency kit ready, though, so storm preparation wasn’t difficult.  (We’ll almost definitely lose power, alas — I’m just hoping the loss is of short duration!)

Whew!  That’s my weekend!  How about you?

Mindy, hoping that all in Sandy’s path stay safe and dry