Usual Weekend Rush

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Well, it was the usual weekend rush around here – aided and abetted by the fact that we enjoyed a four-day weekend.  Activities included:

  • DIRT, a play at Studio Theatre.  The various reviews we’d seen made this sound as if it was going to be an impenetrable tangle of philosophical meandering, but it turned out to be an often-funny, bittersweet mystery about the death of a woman (and its effect on friends and family.)  This show had the most raucous sex scene I’ve ever seen on stage (mostly taking place beneath the lead actress’s skirt).  Fortunately, it was general admission seating, so that we could move at intermission, to get away from the people who had to talk, full voice, through the first act (and especially through that sex scene!)
  • CLOUD ATLAS, the movie.  I was thrilled to be seeing this just a couple of days after reading it; my retention had not yet faded.  While I’ll be the first to say that this movie was not for everyone, we loved it.  I’d like to see it again, paying even more attention to the multiple roles, as there were some I did not catch in real-time viewing.
  • Craft Bastards Craft Show.  This was my first year attending, and I loved it!  There were more, different crafts than I typically see in a full season of craft shows.  Alas, it was *very* crowded, with barely enough room to maneuver in some sections.  (With a $5 admission and one-day-only, the crowding was somewhat inevitable.  I’d love to see them expand to two days and $10!)
  • SKYFALL, the movie.  I’m not a tremendous James Bond fan, but Daniel Craig certainly got my attention in Casino Royale (which he, and the entire franchise, promptly lost in QUANTUM OF SOLACE.)  SKYFALL was okay – not over-the-top incredible, but I was quite amused by a number of the meditations on aging.  Maybe that’s because I’m feeling aged myself…

In between there was much eating of good food, brunch with my sister-in-law, shopping for shoes, knitting, and reading of books.  So, really, a lovely, lovely weekend.  And now I’m back to the real world…

Mindy, who needs to be writing … now!