Waving Madly

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If it’s Monday, it must be D.C.

At least, that’s the way it feels to me — as if I’ve been traveling and traveling and traveling, non-stop, forever.  In reality, life hasn’t been so crazy — Baltimore two weekends ago, and Toronto this past weekend, for World Fantasy Convention.

Of course, I’m supposed to give you a full recap of WFC, but I’ll spare you and share some highlights instead:

  • Dinner with David Coe (D.B. Jackson), in which we discussed the Publishing World ad infinitum, complete with our glosses on how it is and how it should be.  I came away invigorated, with lots of vows to use my writing time and energy in new ways.
  • Readings by various friends and favorite authors, including Carol Berg, Julie Czerneda, Garth Nix, and Ruth Stuart.
  • My panel, on “The Changing Face of YA”, where I got to meet some wonderful new-to-me authors, including Hiromi Goto, who truly impressed me with her insights on the topic.
  • The mass signing, where two very enthusiastic young women collected postcards about the Jane Madison series, the As You Wish Series, and “Capitol Magic”, making me smile at their excitement.
  • Endless conversations that moved from place to place to place in the lobby/bar, with new friends and old, in a way that felt somewhat reminiscent of college.
  • Meeting up with an old friend from my Minneapolis life, for a lovely deli lunch (and kind trip to the airport!), with a chance to meet his family after only reading about them on Facebook.

In between, there were gallons of tea drunk, tons of food-court-Asian-food eaten, a few chilly blocks walked in search of open restaurants (really, there was very little around the hotel, and a lot of it did not serve breakfast or lunch!), and I’m not quite sure what else.

It’s good to be home.  Good to turn toward the writing projects now on the front burner.  Good to  be slipping back into normal.

So, did I miss much while I was gone?

Mindy, diving into her day