Let the Party Season Begin!

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And the holidays are off to a rollicking start!

On Saturday, we attended a housewarming party for friends who live relatively nearby.  They recently moved from a one-bedroom apartment into a three-story house – the greatest accomplishment of their transition is that the new house doesn’t look empty!  This soiree was a relatively late affair (starting at 8:30; when we got there at almost 9:00, there was only a handful of other guests.)  One half of the couple works in international development, and the house was soon full of snippets of conversation in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French (and there might well have been other languages floating around that I didn’t recognize!)  We spent a fair amount of time on the patio, where it was quiet enough to have a pleasant conversation (although it was also cool enough that we welcomed the chance to head back indoors!)

Yesterday, I attended the annual holiday party of my writers group.  I introduced myself to a new member, saying that I was a former member of the group; I was quickly corrected.  I am a *current* member, I just don’t attend the monthly meetings.  ::shrug and smile::  It’s good to see writing friends, no matter what the niggling linguistics!

Much good food was had, and we engaged in the annual white elephant gift exchange.  This year, I came away with my best present every — a Jayson Werth bobblehead, from his Baysox rookie season.  Mark was *thrilled*.  (I was creeped out — I find bobbleheads of real people to be really disturbing…)

I tried a new cookie recipe for the fete — M&M bars, according to a recipe published last year in the Washington Post.  They were a great success (if I do say so myself…) — a very tender dough that was nicely shaded by the color of the M&M candy shells.  My only reservation was that my brain said “egg shell” a couple of times as I bit down on candy shell…

And now, I’m back at my computer, write-, write-, writing away!

Mindy, who has already spent an inordinate amount of time this morning squabbling with Amazon and Barnes & Noble, both of which appeared not to pay her last month, but both of which did (with different mistakes in emailing and online accounting for each – sigh…)