The Best Middle Grade Novels You Haven’t Read (Yet!)

Posted by on March 27, 2013 in reading | Comments Off on The Best Middle Grade Novels You Haven’t Read (Yet!)

I read a lot of middle grade and YA novels.  Most of them are entertaining.  Some are good enough to remind me of my love affair with books that carried me through elementary, middle, and high school.  A handful are excellent enough that I tell every single person I meet, “You must read this!”


Stephanie Burgis’s books fall into that latter category.  The three novels are set in Regency England — the time of Jane Austen, handsome rakes, and countless romance novels.  But Burgis’s books are special — unique — because of their heroine — a tween girl who has magical powers.  Kat Stephenson knows all the rules of her hidebound society.  She even chooses to follow a few of them.  But Kat is headstrong, and curious, and fiercely loyal, and she gets into endless trouble in the most entertaining ways imaginable.

I read the first book shortly after it came out.  I gobbled up the last two while I was on vacation.  The third book — STOLEN MAGIC — was just released in the U.S.  You should buy all three and read them.  Now.  Right now.  Today.

(And if you were wavering about such a purchase, maybe this will tip you over the edge:  Stephanie Burgis is another Simon & Schuster author, and the release of STOLEN MAGIC is caught up in the Barnes & Noble fiasco that I wrote about earlier this week.)