Get Yer Hot, Fresh Glasswrights!

Posted by on May 3, 2013 in glasswrights series, season of sacrifice | Comments Off on Get Yer Hot, Fresh Glasswrights!

If you receive my newsletter, then you know my big news — all five of the novels in the Glasswrights Series, along with my stand-alone traditional fantasy novel, Season of Sacrifice, are on sale for the entire month of May — $2.99 for each ebook, regardless of the venue where you buy.  That means that you can buy my first six novels for less than $20.  Pretty cool, huh?

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And, while it’s not part of the amazing, incredible sale, the Glasswrights and Season are also available as audiobooks from Audible and

So, just to make your purchasing all nice and easy, here’s a slew of links.  (Click on the book name to get to the page on my website where you can read the first chapter — for free.  Click on the buy links to, you know, buy.)

Happy reading!