Joel Achenbach is Wise

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Joel Achenbach is a reporter for the Washington Post.  He joined the paper years ago, after a successful career at the Miami Herald.  (A lot of the Post’s great feature writers and editors came from Miami; they seemed to migrate north en masse.)  Joel was (I’m pretty sure) the first Washington Post writer to have a blog, and he continues to blog regularly about topics of interest to him — creative non-fiction, science for the non-scientist reader, history as a local and national phenomenon, the writing life, and lots of other things.

Yesterday, Joel wrote about the Imposter Syndrome — that feeling that we’re not good enough for our job, that we’ll be found out at any moment, and tossed away because of our fraud.  When I practiced law, I was nearly driven mad by Imposter Syndrome.  As a librarian, though, I never suffered from the problem — librarians are *supposed* to say, “I don’t know the answer, but I know how to find it.”  As an author, well…  There are good days and bad days.

Joel’s prescription for overcoming Imposter Syndrome is right on target.  See what he has to say, and let me know if you agree (especially if you’ve suffered from Imposter Syndrome in your own life):