Photographic Memory

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So, I finally got around to pulling my London photographs off my camera yesterday.  Alas, I’m not a brilliant photographer, but I’m pleased with a few of them (and I’m looking forward to building a scrapbook with many, but that will be far in the future, if I follow my usual foot-dragging ways 🙂 ).  In any case, here are a few quick snaps that summarize our trip:


We stayed just a few blocks from Parliament, which allowed us to walk through a lovely park near our hotel.  This neo-Gothic memorial, the Buxton Memorial Fountain, commemorates the abolition of slavery in England.


Alas, not all our days were brilliantly sunny.  On this stroll through the gardens of Westminster Abbey, we wore raincoats to ward off the mist.  I didn’t care, of course, because I was in a cloister.  And I love cloisters — always have, always will.  Story ideas seem to lurk in the corners of cloisters…


The one day when it *poured*, we stayed inside the British Museum — along with tens of thousands of our closest friends (a small subest of that horde pictured here…)


Those human hordes are not to be confused with the animal ones that we encountered…  (These wire-sculpture baboons are at the Tower of London, representing the royal zoo that used to be on the grounds.)


You never know when you’ll run into a friend…  Here’s author Christine Trent (and me, on the left) at the Tower of London.  I was standing in Sir Walter Raleigh’s study when I heard my name called — and there was Christine (on holiday, and researching the next of her incredible historical romances!)  Small world!

I’ll likely post more pics as I get them organized, but that’s all the torture for today 🙂