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I know.  You woke up this morning, and the first thing you thought was, “I could really use a novel about vampires, lawyers, and cupcakes.”  I just *wish* there was something out there for me to read!

Fright Court Cover

Or maybe you said, “What would happen if that cool librarian-witch, Jane Madison, happened to meet up with that somewhat mysterious Clerk of Court for the supernatural D.C. Night Court, Sarah Anderson?  Wouldn’t they have a pretty exciting adventure?”


Well, if you thought either one of those things, then you are in luck!  FRIGHT COURT and CAPITOL MAGIC have both been released at Book View Cafe today!  You can buy books at BVC in either .MOBI (Kindle) format or .EPUB (just about everyone else) format.  Books that you purchase there support an innovative publishing model (and, not entirely coincidentally, I earn more money from Book View Cafe sales than I do through other venues.

So, if you’ve been looking for some fun summer reading, why not pick up FRIGHT COURT and CAPITOL MAGIC today?