Sacrificing the Season

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Long, long time ago (I can still remember…), I wrote a novel that grew up to become The Glasswrights’ Apprentice.  While my agent shopped around that piece, I got to work on another novel, in a totally different world, with totally different characters.  (I wanted to have a path to follow, if Apprentice never sold.)  Ultimately, I signed a contract with Roc for Apprentice, a sequel, and a player to be named later.

That “player” ended up being Season of Sacrifice, the novel I wrote when I did not know Apprentice‘s fate.  I love Sacrifice.  It allowed me to do a lot of research on real world traditions and history (especially on the tin mining culture in early Cornwall), converting all that data into a unique society that functioned under magical rules all its own.

Alas, Season of Sacrifice never found its full readership.  It was released as a January book (when the excitement of holiday book purchases just past typically leads to low sales).  It came out between two Glasswrights novels.  It had a rather unfortunate cover, featuring my heroine in a leather bikini.

But I still love the story.  And it’s featured today, on my current publisher’s site:

You can also read the first chapter of Sacrifice here:

Ah, the dreams I once had for other books in the Season world.  Some day, maybe…  When my writing schedule frees up…  Some day…