Kudos to State Farm and Collision Specialists!

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Regular readers here will recall that, a couple of weeks ago, I walked out of a store and didn’t recognize my car.  My beloved, almost-brand-new (okay, eighteen-month-0ld) Camry Hybrid had been savagely defaced by someone who didn’t leave a note, despite cracking the front bumper and taking (accidentally?  on purpose?) the right front air grille.  The car was drive-able, and so I returned home, muttering imprecations not quite under my breath.

I phoned State Farm and reported the damage, and they were immediately soothing and helpful.  They remained that way, even when I told them that I couldn’t do anything to follow up on the damage for a week, because I was heading out of town in two days.

Determined to get my shiny almost-brand-new car fixed at the dealer, I woke up early the next morning and headed down to the dealer.  That’s when I learned that dealers don’t deal with body damage.  They sent me to their preferred garage, which courteously gave me a (very-high-to-my-uneducated-eyes) estimate.  Driving home, I decided to swing by my beloved mechanic, to find out who they would recommend, and they gave me a card for a body shop *way* out in the outer ‘burbs (about half an hour from our house.)  I gave them a funny look, and he said, “It’s worth it.”

Collision Specialists was the body shop.  And it was worth it.

They replaced the front bumper, matching the paint exactly.  And they repaired some damage *I* had inflicted, on the right quarter panel, when I was late to a reading and got frantic in a garage and scraped against a post.

In addition to those two paid jobs, they buffed out some ordinary-wear-and-tear scratches on the back bumper.  And they detailed the entire car, inside and out. 

It’s gorgeous.  It looks brand new.  I want to sell my house and buy a new one, with a garage, because a car this pretty shouldn’t have to live on the street.

(And State Farm held up their end of the deal, too.  They paid for all the “hit and run” damage, with the state-mandated reduced deductible, *and* they covered a rental car for the duration of the repairs.)

I’m still beyond enraged that some idiot could do that sort of damage and not leave a note.  But I’m truly pleased with Collision Specialists and State Farm.