Thank You, Everyone!

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Thank you, everyone, for spreading the word about SINGLE WITCH!

My debut self-published novel broke the top 5000 on Amazon yesterday, and it’s currently in the Top 100 for contemporary fantasy — both in regular books and in Kindle!  I would love to see those numbers continue today!

In other news, I returned home from my family visit yesterday.  Despite Delta once again mandating that I check my carry-on bag, when there was plenty of space in the overhead bins, they *didn’t* lose my suitcase, so this was a much better trip than my flight out!  It was good to visit family, but I’m a bit astonished at how a seven-year-old can wear one out.

This morning will be dedicated to unpacking (at first, I typed “punpacking” which would be an interesting form of a humor contest…), then to grocery shopping, then to working on the next writing project.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another!

Happy Wednesday!