A Tale of Two Launches

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And today’s book launch is…  Oh.  Wait.  I’m not launching a new book today.  Two book launches a week is my limit.  (At least for now…  ::grin::)

I’m thrilled with the launch for SIX TIMES A CHARM (Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | (more links to come!)  At $0.99, lots of people are stocking up on light paranormal reading — and some folks are giving the set to friends!  (Really, at less than a buck, that’s a great idea, and one I have to admit I hadn’t thought of!)  We continue to float right around 550 on the overall Amazon Kindle list, with #1 in special categories (angels, and demons, and superheroes — oh my!)  Over on B&N, we’re around 150.  It’s been a ton of fun working with my five co-authors, and I’m learning new things from them every day!

DARKBEAST REBELLION is doing well, too.  On Saturday, I headed up to Books of Wonder, for a special pre-launch event.  I took the train up that morning.  Alas, the near-perfect Acela high-speed train experienced door difficulties when we started to leave D.C.’s Union Station.  We were delayed by about 15 minutes.  Ordinarily, that wouldn’t have been a problem, but I only had one hour on the New York end of things, to get into Penn Station and get downtown to the bookstore.  I fretted and worried and planned and stressed, but in the end all was fine.  (I sprinted — yes, *I* sprinted — through Penn Station, found the 1 Subway line, bought a MetroCard, spent 12 minutes anxiously pacing on the platform, jog-walked two crosstown blocks with traffic at a standstill to my left, and ended up being the first author to arrive.)

When I stepped into Books of Wonder, this sight greeted me:


(That’s three facings of DARKBEAST REBELLION, with extra books tucked in on the sides — what a joyous vision!  DARKBEAST is nestled on the bottom shelf, too.)  The store was fantastic — after walking down aisles full of every book I loved as a kid, I arrived at the reading area in the back — chairs for the audience and a table for us speakers.  The store manager had written personal notes to each of us, which waited beside water, Sharpie pens, and an upright display of our books.  During the actual panel, we used a microphone, which was patched into the store’s intercom system, so people shopping could hear what we had to say, and newcomers were lured back to our corner.

After the panel, the manager asked us if we minded signing stock.  Of course, we were all happy to do so.  And then we were *astonished* to discover just how much stock they meant — I signed a couple hundred books — hardcover DARKBEAST REBELLION, hardcover DARKBEAST, paperback DARKBEAST…  The staff just kept bringing piles of them!  It was fun and festive and a great way to kick off the autumn book-buying season.

What?  There isn’t an “autumn book-buying season”?  Well, there should be.

After the event, I had enough time to head up to Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen (my favorite comfort food in New York).  While they serve great hamburgers, hot dogs, shakes, etc., I indulged in my two favorites — beet-and-goat-cheese salad with a side of macaroni and cheese:


Heaven.  Heaven, I tell you.

Last night, we celebrated the *official* DARKBEAST REBELLION launch at my local children’s bookstore, Hooray for Books.  We had chocolate and balloons and chocolate and friends and chocolate and guest panelists Catherine Jinks and Jonathan Auxier and chocolate.  Catherine read from her new book, HOW TO CATCH A BOGLE, and Jonathan entertained us with his explanation of the backstory of PETER NIMBLE AND HIS AMAZING EYES — performed by way of yo-yo tricks!

I was truly touched by all the friends who showed up (on a weeknight, in a suburb that wasn’t on the way home for anyone!)  I was also thrilled that there were strangers-to-me who attended.  During the Q&A part of the panel, several kids asked questions, which is always fun.  My sister-in-law caught this pic of me answering one of those questions:


So, it’s been a whirlwind couple of days.  I’m excited and exhausted and full of chocolate.  And really, what better way is there to be?

How about you?  What have I missed while I’ve been in Launch-World?