My Dirty Little Secret

Posted by on September 27, 2013 in diamond brides | 3 comments

Here’s my dirty little secret (okay, not a secret, really, because I’m sharing it with all of you…)

I hate writing.

Let me explain that.  I hate composing new words.  I hate staring at the screen, checking my outline, wondering about the word-count, fighting off the temptation to check Facebook or email or a million other distractions.

But I love having written.  I love seeing the jumble of story inside my head settle into smooth, polished words on the screen.  I love the feeling of accomplishment as I close the file.

And I love editing.  I love massaging the words on the screen, tweaking this one, moving that sentence there, revising it, revising again, deleting it entirely.  I love finding an image to feed through an entire novel, uniting scattered thoughts, creating a single whole.

Today, I finished drafting PERFECT PITCH, the first novel in my Diamond Brides series, which will launch during spring training of next year (March 2014).  I’m going to be a very happy writer for a few weeks.

And then I’ll go back to hating my job.  Because I’ll be writing CATCHING HELL.  And I hate writing.  🙂


  1. Ha! You just summed up my feelings on writing exactly. Give me the editing any day thank you very much. Or divine inspiration – that would be good too 🙂

    P.s. Love the Glasswrights’ Series. Read them all years and years ago but Rani has stuck with me. Such a great character.

    • Thanks for the kind words about Rani! I miss her sometimes, and I wonder what it would be like to go back and write her story when she’s a mother/grandmother/etc…

      I’m back to writing now, the second book in the Diamond Brides series. I’m having fun solving the plot problems, but I’m really just looking forward to editing 🙂

      • Good luck with the writing! Here’s hoping you can move on to editing soon.

        Rani as a mother would be great! There aren’t enough interesting female leads in fiction. Especially fantasy fiction. Most of them are too feisty for their own good (bleh). But Rani’s character ran a little deeper. So if you ever write the story of what comes next, you’ve got at least one reader 🙂