Weekend Wrap-Up

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And what a weekend it was…

We had a birthday to celebrate around here, so there was great food and cake and favorite TV shows and winning Red Sox (yes, they won just for the birthday boy) and, and, and…

We also went to see TORCH SONG TRILOGY, at Studio Theatre.  I saw it years ago, in either its Broadway or its off-Broadway run.  I was in college, and I knew a couple of gay people, but I’d led a rather … sheltered life, and the first act (with its back-room bar scene) made *rather* an impression.

Now, more than 25 years later, the play seems surprisingly sweet, and rather innocent.  (It was largely written before AIDS, and that devastation is not part of the story.)  The powerhouse scenes are all in the third act — including my favorite line, which I can’t remember word for word and haven’t been able to find online.  The gist of it is, “I taught myself how to crochet, to cook, to make furniture, to be an electrician, so that I can do everything I need to do to stay alive.  All I need from others is love and respect.”  Devastatingly, the words are spoken by Arnold to his mother, as he feels unloved and disrespected.

(I had completely *forgotten* the second act, which is performed entirely in one giant bed, with a sort of Noel Coward coyness as various combinations of lovers and non-lovers emerge from the quartet of actors.  I loved the staging and the … inevitability of some of the combinations.)

And now, I’m settling down to a writing day.  PERFECT PITCH is drafted, and I’ve heard back from one critiquer (who, I’m thrilled to say, really liked the book.  Fingers crossed that my other critiquers do!)  I’m moving on to drafting CATCHING HELL.

And you?  How did your weekend wrap-up?