As You Wish, Revisited!

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So, every author has had the experience where finished books don’t quite turn out the way she thought they would.  A traditional publisher chooses titles that aren’t quite right for the story.  Cover art just doesn’t look like what it should.  Back-of-the-book blurbs aren’t what they should be, to *really* explain what the story is about.


And now, through the wonder of self-publishing, some of us authors get to correct those things.  Take, for example, the As You Wish Series.  The As You Wish Series shows what goes wrong when a magic lamp, a wish-granting genie, and backstage life in the theater all collide.  Now, the series has all new titles, all new covers, and all new blurbs — but the novels themselves remain exactly the same!  You can buy all three volumes of the As You Wish Series as one omnibus ebook (Buy now!)  Or you can buy each volume individually….



“Fresh and often hysterically funny, this story also has a solid emotional core. Heroine Kira’s first-person perspective keeps it all real for the reader… (4 stars)” — Romantic Times

In Act One, Wish One [Buy now!] (previously released as How Not to Make a Wish), stage manager Kira Franklin discovers a brass lamp in the back of a prop closet, complete with a gender-bending, wish-granting genie. Her first wish is easy – a job on a prestigious avant-garde production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Soon, though, Kira wonders how many wishes she’ll need to succeed in that dream job. Her growing attraction to hunky actor Drew Myers rubs laconic set designer John McRae the wrong way… And John’s stability may be the only thing reining in the increasingly bizarre demands of the play’s quirky director. With her professional reputation on the line, Kira has to wonder:  What’s a girl to do when she runs out of wishes?

“Klasky continues her adorable As You Wish series with this nearly cinematic romantic comedy…. With broadly comic characters, even pacing, and a charming romance, this cozy evening’s read will leave readers smiling.” — Publishers Weekly

In Wishing in the Wings [Buy now!] (previously released as When Good Wishes Go Bad), Becca Morris loves her job – producer at an off-Broadway theater – until her boyfriend steals her heart, her money, and all the theater’s funds.  With her future on the line, Becca thinks she’s caught a break when she receives a brass lamp, complete with a gender-bending, wish-granting genie. Wielding her wishes, Becca gets the chance to stage a challenging new play that can put the theater back on track.  It’s even written by the adorably awkward Ryan Thompson – who just might mend her tattered heart.  Alas the only prospect for financing the show is the world’s most obnoxious popcorn magnate, and Ryan flat-out refuses to take money from a jerk. Just how difficult can it be for a woman to wish her way to love and success?  Wishing in the Wings, the second volume in the As You Wish Series, is available as an ebook and in print [Buy now!].


“A lot of books have been written about being a single girl in the big city, but none like this. Klasky provides fun and entertainment while offering a thought-provoking view of relationships. A thinking woman’s romance, this one should not be missed!” — Romantic Times

In Wish Upon a Star [Buy now!] (previously released as To Wish or Not To Wish), actress Erin Hollister’s life is one disaster on top of another – she loses her day job, her boyfriend dumps her, and she has nowhere to live.  Everything changes, though, when Erin finds a magic lamp, complete with a wish-granting genie! Soon, Erin has a great new apartment, she’s being courted by a stunning chef, and she lands an understudy role in a hot new musical.  If she makes one last wish, she can cement all that newfound success.  But Erin has realized she loves her genie – and when she makes her last wish, he’ll be out of her life forever. What’s a wishing girl to do?  Wish Upon a Star, the third volume in the As You Wish Series, is available as an ebook and in print [Buy now!].