Magical Words — Then and Now (Books in a Year)

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I’m over at Magical Words today, continuing the series I started a few weeks ago, about how the writing and book worlds have changed from THEN (1998, when I received an offer on my first novel) and NOW.  (My first post was about Breaking In and my second was about Bookstores.)  Today, I’m talking about frequency of publication — how many books publishers expect an author to write in a year.  Conversation is already getting spiky, so stop by and contribute your thoughts!

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Magical Words is a website by writers for writers (and readers who want a behind-the-scenes peak at the process of writing.)  Regular posters include David B. Coe, John G. Hartness, Faith Hunter, and Misty Massey, with frequent guest posts from Lucienne Diver, Diana Pharaoh Francis, and Carrie Ryan.  The Magical Words crowd is friendly, so don’t hesitate to stop by!