Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Posted by on December 31, 2013 in as you wish series, diamond brides, magical words, rebel lost, single witch's survival guide, super secret projects | Comments Off on Looking Back, Looking Ahead

I was going to write a long post about all the things that happened this year, but I was having trouble finding a way to make it as interesting and touching as it *felt* to me, inside my head.  So here, in bullet form, are the high points of my 2013 writing life (in no particular order):

  • After a gap of several years, I published a new Jane Madison novel, Single Witch’s Survival Guide [Buy now!]  I continue to love, love, love Jane and David and the world of Magical Washington!
  • I saw the publication of Darkbeast Rebellion [Amazon | B & N | Indiebound], under my pen name, Morgan Keyes.
  • After several years of participating on the group blog, Magical Words, I sadly bid farewell to the site in its current incarnation.  I look forward to seeing how the site owners change MW, and I hope to participate in its future life!
  • I joined Book View Cafe, where I get to interact with amazing authors every day, as we work cooperatively to bring you the best ebooks possible!
  • I joined Twitter.  Finally.  (Please, please, please follow me.  It’s lonely in my corner of the Twitterverse!)
  • I reissued the As You Wish Series, with all new names and all new covers, better reflecting the feel of the series (Act One Wish One [Buy now!], Wishing in the Wings [Buy now!], and Wish Upon a Star [Buy now!]

And here’s what I’m looking forward to in 2014:

  • The Diamond Brides series (nine short romance novels, featuring the players on the Raleigh Rockets baseball team and the women who love them).
  • At least two writers retreats with some of my favorite writer-type folks, enabling me to meet my tight deadlines on the Diamond Brides.
  • At least three Super Sekrit Projects, which may or may not come to fruition, but which are fun for me to play with in the interim.
  • A massive Contest and Book Giveaway in January — watch this site for tons of free prizes!

So?  How about you?  What do you see when you look back on 2013?  When you look ahead to 2014?