Call Me Pollyanna

Posted by on January 31, 2014 in life in klaskyville, perfect pitch | 4 comments

Yesterday had all the warning signs of a disaster:

  • I got in the car to go to my morning exercise class, and I had to clean the windshield, but the fluid froze on the windshield.
  • I left exercise class early, because I had to go to my annual mammogram, but the radiology center had no record of my appointment.
  • I went shopping for new clothes for the dreaded photo shoot, and was immediately greeted by racks and racks and racks of picked-over sales clothes, with virtually no “real” clothes for sale.
  • I went to the grocery store.  (Really, nothing bad has to happen for the grocery store to be a disaster.  It’s just a pain to go to.)
  • I started lining up reviews, interviews, and blog opportunities for PERFECT PITCH (in stores 3/31/14!), only to find a dizzying array of special formatting requests from various would-be reviewers, interviewers, and blog hosts.
  • I drove to have dinner with my husband, and got trapped behind four — count them, FOUR — different cars double-parked in crowded traffic lanes.  Plus, there was no parking in our usual lot near the restaurant.

But each of those disasters worked out:

  • The amazing turbo-charged front windshield defroster on our still-relatively-new-to-me car (18 months old) worked like a charm, and the frozen window was melted and dried within a block.
  • The radiology center called my doc, and they coordinated my visit with a total of a 20-minute delay.  Plus, the screening revealed no problems, and I don’t have to go back for another year.
  • I found a single rack of unstructured jackets and shells, and they fit *perfectly* and presented exactly the image I want to project.  Plus, they were on sale.  I ended up with two jackets and five shells, all of which I’ll wear well past the photo shoot, for $140.
  • I found mini frosted sugar cookies at the grocery store.  (You know, the soft sugar cookies, with the melt-in-your-mouth-frosting?)
  • A major national review site responded to my email and said they had one slot left for April, and it was mine.
  • The restaurant where we had dinner, Ray’s the Steaks, gave us complimentary glasses of hard cider (in champagne flutes!) and a congratulatory piece of key lime pie for dessert, when they found out the reason for our dining there.  Plus, the mac and cheese side dish continues to be one of the top three I’ve ever eaten.

So, I guess my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day wasn’t really quite a disaster.

I have a chapter to finish writing today.  And then it’s the weekend.  It seems like a really long time, since we’ve had one of those…

How about you?  Any “rags to riches” stories of late?  Any bad days that turned out good?


  1. That sounds like a day in the life of an optimist. I haven’t left my house today and my only worry is whether there’s enough cream to drink the pot of coffee I just made. So, life is good for me too.

    • ::grin:: Great to see you around here, Veronica! May you always have enough cream in your coffee!

  2. Prestone De-Icer. I love the stuff. Good to around -35 degrees F. I’ve never had it freeze on my windshield yet.

    (Denver seldom gets below -10, and even that’s pretty rare these days.)

    The only drawback is that it’s a pale amber color, and sometimes the people at the Honda dealership don’t realize the reservoir is full, so “top” it off with that cheap blue stuff. Turning the mixture a very unappetizing, icky charteuse color. Blech!

    Bob Shepard from Denver

    • When I lived in Minnesota, we had all sorts of heavy-duty windshield-wiper-reservoir fluids. I thought I’d left those behind forever 🙂