Weekend Recap and Weekend Giveaway Winners

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Was there a weekend around here?  I hardly noticed!  I spent a lot of Saturday working on fiddly little details for PERFECT PITCH, getting both the print and electronic editions ready for public consumption.

Then, on Sunday, we went to see INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS.  I’m not a huge fan of the Coen brothers, although I found several things to laugh at in this movie.  In my mind, the entire film was black and white, so I was surprised to see that there was color in the initial scene.  It turns out that the film *is* in color, but it’s shot with very subdued lighting, almost like a blue-grey filter is over every scene.  So, in my mind, it’ll slip back into black and white in short order 🙂

From the reviews I’d avoided reading, I expected more music and a more annoying main character and more cats.  This wasn’t a movie I loved, but not one I suffered through.  How’s that for a half-hearted review?

(Perhaps most amusing was the range of previews for this film.  Apparently, Regal Cinemas didn’t have any “art-movie” previews, so they decided that Coen Brothers viewers were most likely to see I, FRANKENSTEIN, POMPEII (in 3D!!!), some atrocity with Breaking Bad’s Jesse driving really fast cars really fast, and, um, something else that I completely forgot about.  Ah, first-quarter movie viewing…  Not my favorite screen time of the year!

On the Great January Giveaway front, I have five more winners to announce.  These people each get a signed copy of the Red Dress Ink edition of MAGIC AND THE MODERN GIRL:

  • Linda K.
  • Sara C.
  • Alyssa W.
  • Vicki S.
  • Amber M.

Congrats to all of you!  (And the next contest will have a little something for our international friends…)

So?  How about you?  See any good movies this weekend?  Have anything on your “to-be-seen” list you’re particularly excited about?