Who Is This Woman?

Posted by on January 17, 2014 in perfect pitch | 4 comments

Does anyone recognize this woman:


I found her picture during a long session of browsing for people who looked like the characters in PERFECT PITCH, and I pinned it to my Pinterest board.  On a very regular basis, that pin is repinned, which makes me think this woman is someone I should know/recognize.  Do you know who she is?  (Other than the spitting image of Samantha Winger, the heroine in PERFECT PITCH!)

(Edited to add:  I understand the link doesn’t work well for some users.  Sorry!)


  1. I’m pretty sure it’s Karen Gillan, British actress who plays Dr. Who’s assistant Amy Pond last season. She’s HUGELY popular in fandom, so I’m sure she’s getting lots of repins.

    • That makes sense. A couple of other folks have said it’s Gillan too…

  2. I think that’s Felicia Day – see http://celebdatingbuzz.com/category/felicia-day/.

  3. As an experiment, I downloaded the picture onto my desktop.

    I then went to Google Image Search:


    I dragged the downloaded image into the search box.

    Its best guess is Felicia Day.

    They have “visually similar” images down below, and it definitely does look like her.

    A couple of links even have the same picture.

    Hope this helps.

    Bob Shepard from Denver

    P.S. I just learned about this trick myself a week or two ago. Pretty nifty.