Favorite Book of the Year

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It’s no secret that things have been a bit crazy here in Klaskyville — I have a book coming out in a week, and a different book coming out in three weeks, and yet another different book coming out in five weeks.  I’m editing a fourth book and writing a fifth book — and that’s just the writing stuff that’s going on! (In addition, there’s the usual mix of family and friends and Smithsonian classes and cultural activities and, and, and…)

In recognition of the generally high level of crazy, I decided not to tackle any of the truly challenging books on my to-be-read shelf.  You know–the big fat fantasies that are nearly 1000 pages long that would take me more than a month to read under *good* circumstances.  Or the slender volume of literature that is crafted, word by word, like a 50,000-word poem.  Or the Deep and Meaningful Issues Book that will leave me in tears for day.

Instead, I decided to use this crazy time to read through the “shrug” books.  Those are the ones that I picked up for one reason or another — usually at conference, or because I had a book event with the author.  I didn’t know before the book was in my hand that I was interested in it. And, alas, I often discover that I’m *not* interested in it — I was inspired by the moment, but I’m not the right reader for that particular book.  Most shrug books get donated to the library within 50 pages.  Some get donated within 25.

I didn’t-read two books on my shrug list.  And then I picked up Linda Grimes’ first book, IN A FIX.

And, reader, I fell in love.

in a fix

IN A FIX is a light urban fantasy (not my favorite genre by a long shot) narrated by Ciel Hannigan, a human “adaptor”, a chameleon sort of person who can take on the aura of any person she’s touched, so that she looks and sounds like that person.  Ciel hires herself out to people who’d rather not be present for one reason or another.  When an easy gig results in a beach cabana being destroyed around her, Ciel is in a fix.  This book made me — literally — laugh out loud multiple times.  I loved, loved, loved the supporting characters, including the three alpha males who think they can run Ciel’s life.  This book reminded me of early Sue Grafton, but the romance is a *lot* hotter than anything Kinsey Milhone ever tripped through.

I bought the second book immediately after finishing the first.

So?  What about you?  Any fun spring reads filling your days?