CATCHING HELL in Stores Today!

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The second volume of my Diamond Brides Series, CATCHING HELL, is in stores today.  Each of the Diamond Brides books is a fully self-contained hot contemporary romance — you don’t have to read the other short novels in this series to enjoy the one in your hands (or on your ebook reader!)


Here’s what CATCHING HELL is all about:

Anna Benson is an eager “May” to Zach Ormond’s downright sexy “December”.

At age thirty-seven, Zach is a veteran catcher in the last years of his contract, grateful for a no-trade clause that will let him retire a star in Raleigh.  Twenty-five-year-old Anna has grown up in the Rockets’ front office; her grandfather has long groomed her to take over the team.

When Zach finally realizes Anna is no longer a star-struck kid, their passion flares like a game-winning grand slam.  But after a freak accident injures a young phenom and forces the team to land a new player, Anna must sacrifice Zach for the Rockets, convincing him to forfeit his hard-won no-trade guarantee.

There’s hell to pay. He’s doing everything in his considerable seductive power to make her keep him—on the team and in her bed. How can Anna and Zach live happily ever after when their romance will destroy the team they love?

I know authors aren’t supposed to play favorites among their literary children, but I have to admit that Zach is my favorite of the Diamond Brides heroes… so far 🙂

You can read a snippet here:

And you can buy your electronic or print copy here:

We’re two weeks into the baseball season.  How are you celebrating spring?