Song and Dance

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Yet another busy weekend around these parts.  Some day, far in the future, we’ll have a weekend with nothing on the agenda.  Some day, I’ll read through the entire Sunday Washington Post, which I used to read on a regular basis.  Sigh…

Yesterday (Sunday), we went to the final session for the year of What Makes It Great, the music education lectures that we’ve enjoyed so much the past few years.  The focus was Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, specifically the spring and summer concertos.  As usual, I learned a lot — for the first time ever I was truly struck by the notion that before Vivaldi wrote those notes that I know so well, no one had ever heard them.  (Yeah, I know.  Sometimes I’m slow on the uptake.)  Rob Kapilow also lead us through a silly little exercise, showing the fingering necessary for one section of Summer — I have infinitely greater respect for violinists of any stripe!

Saturday, we went to see the dance troupe Momix.  We hadn’t originally planned on seeing them — winter storms forced us to miss an orchestra performance earlier in the year, and we made up those tickets with the dance performance.  We didn’t really know what to expect before we went, and we were frankly somewhat nervous about the publicity for the evening, which promised projections, puppetry, and representations of plants.  We ended up really liking the show — and being overwhelmed by the sheer athleticism of the performers.  (We were both amazed by the long, energetic, exuberant encore!)  The performance was only slightly marred by the awed four-year-old in front of Mark who stage-whispered questions to her grandmother throughout, and by the mother of a tween in front of me, who explained every single freaking number to her kid, who seemed to have no problem understanding what was going on.  Oh – and the middle-age couple behind us who spoke at full volume for the first two numbers (I guess, because the dancers weren’t speaking, so why not?)  Sigh…  Audiences…

Friday night, we went to the Nationals game, waiting out cold rain for an hour-delayed start.  It was a long, cold night, but the Nats won (and we had a nice conversation with one of the other season-ticket holders whom we’d met last season.)

All in all, a good, varied weekend, leaving me charged to get a lot of writing done today on STOPPING SHORT!

And you?  How as your weekend?