When It Rains…

Posted by on April 30, 2014 in book view cafe, freelancing, stopping short | Comments Off on When It Rains…

Obviously, the weather gods thought that I had baseball tickets for the past three days.

Why else would it have been raining, nearly constantly, since Monday night?  Of course, it could be worse.  We could be locked in a Polar Vortex, and all this rain could be snow!

Morton Salt Girl

Fortunately, I have enough “inside the house” work to keep me busy for the foreseeable future.  Take yesterday for example.  I had a neat to-do list, full of exciting and interesting projects.

And half-way through the first one, I remembered that I’d volunteered to write a document for Book View Cafe — a document that took me several hours to pull together.  And half-way through *that*, I remembered that I’d received a freelance legal writing project that was due on Thursday but would really profit from having a couple of days to modify, in case my first pass wasn’t what my client wanted.  And half-way through *that*, I remembered that I needed to wrestle with Apple iBooks to get my three-in-one boxed set of the first three Diamond Brides available for its release on May 6.

So.  Um.  Yeah.

The day ended up being a bit busier than I expected. But I got everything done — except for the iBooks wrangline.  Apple is insisting that I can only price my boxed set at the price of a single volume in the series.  While I want to give my readers a discount, I can’t give you *that* much of a discount.  So, I’ll be on the phone to Cupertino sometime this afternoon.

Or maybe tomorrow.  Because today is a writing day.  (You can tell, because I’m procrastinating with this blog post.)  I have Chapter 3 of STOPPING SHORT to finish today.  Because Drew Marshall, the Rockets’ shortstop, isn’t going to get out of trouble on his own.  Or maybe he’s just getting into deeper trouble…