Happy Freedomversary to Me!

Posted by on June 13, 2014 in librarianship | 4 comments

Six years ago today, I walked away from my last office job.  And I don’t regret that transition one bit.


When I took that job fifteen months earlier — managing a staff of 27 librarians in seven offices, supporting a 12-office law firm — I thought it was perfect for me.  The position was a new one for the firm; the library had never been managed by a professional librarian before.  I came from a number of firms where the library was greatly respected as a team player on major projects, and I looked forward to creating the same powerhouse for my new employer.

Alas, the job didn’t shape up in reality the way it had in my mind.  I ended up traveling a lot — up to two weeks a month — at a time when I was settling in to happy married life at home.  My superiors and I had very different ideas about the role of a library, and the role of management in general.  Mergers reared their ugly heads, along with reductions in force, with seismic shifts in functioning.

I still understood how to create the library I wanted, one that would please my superiors and the lawyers at the firm.  I drew up a plan to achieve that — a five-year plan, with specific goals along the way.

But then I realized I didn’t want to make that five-year investment.

I realized I needed to look for a new job.  I returned home from a particularly grueling trip, and I announced that I was going to start my job search the following day.  My husband said, “Why don’t you try writing full time?”

And so I did.

There are days that I miss the steady certainty of a paycheck deposited into my bank, no matter what projects have been completed in the past several weeks.  There are days that I wonder how my five-year plan would have worked, what I would have accomplished.  And I miss the people — my staff — who were excellent librarians, one and all.
But I don’t regret my decision, ever.  I don’t regret creating the Diamond Brides.  Or the Darkbeast books (as Morgan Keyes).  Or new Jane Madison books.Pretty much, I don’t regret anything.So Happy Freedomversary to me.  And happy weekend to all of you!


  1. Happy Freedomversary to you! I think you made the right choice.

    • ::grin:: No regrets – I think I’ll make that my motto!

  2. Speaking of which, does Morgan have any more Darkbeast novels in the works?

    Bob Shepard from Denver

    • At the moment, I don’t have any more DARKBEAST novels planned (but that may well change in the future!) DARKBEAST REBELLION will be out in paperback in October, so I’m hoping to discover all sorts of new readers then!