Staycation, Or How I Spent Spring Break

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(I can say “Spring Break”, right?  Even if I’m talking about the last week of May?)

Hello folks!  Sorry I’ve been so scarce — I was indulging in a week of wedding anniversary celebration (11 years — and it seems like we got married yesterday!) We’d originally planned on taking a big trip, but various things conspired against us doing that.  We substituted international travel with a staycation, and we had a *marvelous* time!

Our staycation included:


Othello, at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia — performed in the Blackfriars Playhouse, in an approximation of an Elizabethan production, with house lights up, audience participation, and a startlingly small cast.  (Iago was *wonderful*.  Some of the younger audience members were in *hysterical* tears at the end of the show.  Yay.)


The Degas/Cassatt show at the National Gallery of Art — four *crammed* rooms of paintings and prints (alas, for my taste, too many prints, but that’s a personal thing…)  The show was designed to highlight the exchange of ideas between Degas and Cassatt, and it did that well, but I was left feeling like I was just seeing a snippet of a much larger world stage…


The Andrew Wyeth Looking Out/Looking In show at the National Gallery of Art — five *crammed* rooms of works, mostly watercolors, by Wyeth.  All the paintings focused on windows (and, sometimes, doors).  I’ve always loved realistic art, and the hyper-realism of some of these works was amazing.  There were several studies for finished works, which I loved — in each case, the finished work was much more austere — and much better.  Lessons for writing?

In addition to those doses of culture, we saw a few exhibits at the Newseum, ate at three new-to-us restaurants, took in two baseball games, watched The Hollow Crown (which had been living on our DVR for long enough that it had practically taken up permanent residence), read books for fun, and generally had a wonderful time!

And now, I’m almost through unpacking my inbox — just in time for more book news tomorrow!

Did I miss anything major while I was gone?