In the End, It’s ALWAYS RIGHT!

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Sigh.  The World Series is over, and there’s no baseball to watch on television (until spring training starts — in five short months!)  I knew I’d be mourning the end of the season (even if I couldn’t predict how early my poor Nationals would have been out of the running…) And so, way, way back, when I first started planning the Diamond Brides Series, I knew the last launch would come shortly after the Series wound up.  One last jolt of baseball for the year…  One last visit with the team — the Raleigh Rockets — we’ve come to know so well.

So, this is it!  ALWAYS RIGHT launches today!


ALWAYS RIGHT is the book I thought of, when I first imagined writing the Diamond Brides.  I knew exactly how Kyle Norton behaves; his superstitions were my very first inkling about the Raleigh Rockets.  Here’s what that tiny seed grew into:

Teetering on the brink of success as a patent lawyer, Amanda Carter is courting financial disaster. She’s juggling her family’s crippling medical expenses and a huge payment to join her law firm partners – nearly impossible burdens because her father stole her identity. If she doesn’t pay up and win her current case, everything she’s worked for will crash to a humiliating end.

Easy-going right fielder Kyle Norton is mired in the worst hitting slump of his career—until a black-haired beauty in the stands offers him her sunglasses. Slump broken, superstitious Kyle is convinced Amanda is the key to the championship his team so desperately wants to win for its dying owner.

Kyle needs Amanda to give him her glasses at every game. Amanda needs to bury herself in work and win the lawsuit—if she can find the money to buy into the firm. Soon, Amanda and Kyle are locked in battle, united by need and consumed by passion. In the end, only one can be always right.

ALWAYS RIGHT costs just $2.99.  You can buy your copy from your favorite vendor:  Amazon Kindle | Apple iBooks | B&N Nook | Book View Cafe | Kobo. A print edition will be available shortly.

So, what do you say?  Ignore the autumn for a day!  Buy ALWAYS RIGHT!  And send the baseball season off in style!


  1. Think I commented on somewhere else about this last book, but I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed this series. At least your Nationals fared better than my Indians… That being said, I think this last book was my least favorite of them all. I just couldn’t get past Amanda blackmailing Kyle.and being a lawyer to boot…nevermind her past..and him just handing over thousands of dollars.. I realize the core of most fiction is failure to communicate that causes most of the problems, but this one seemed stretchy.
    This is only to you and I would never write a negative review and I will certainly keep buying your books and recommending them to friends.
    Linda Henzel

    • Thanks for your kind words about the series! I’m sorry that you didn’t care for ALWAYS RIGHT. (That’s actually one of the advantages of a longer series — there are books for all sorts of different readers!)

      • You’re right about longer series..I have found that true in some others I have read…Viva la difference! Keep up the great writing and I’ll be exploring your backlist…