Fae’s Anatomy

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Titania Silveroak: Fae princess. Con artist. Runaway bride.

Jonathan Weaver: Vampire. Doctor. Humorless SOB.

When Titania flees her controlling bridegroom, Oberon Blackthorne, she doesn’t have a plan. Arriving unexpectedly in the emergency room at Washington DC’s Empire General Hospital, Titania resolves to work one escape-sustaining con—stealing Dr. Jonathan Weaver’s wallet. Oberon ups the ante, though, kidnapping Jonathan’s estranged daughter to bring Titania to heel.

Titania is desperate to avoid her murderous intended. Jonathan longs to rescue his daughter and heal the old rift between them. Oberon would gladly slay one or both of the supernatural creatures damaging his street cred. How will Titania and Jonathan join forces to send Oberon back to the Thousand-Oak Grove?

Fae’s Anatomy, the second volume in the Washington Medical: Vampires Ward Series, will be available as an ebook and in print. The story takes place in the Magical Washington universeIt is part of the Love Spells line of laugh-out-loud cozy paranormal romances.

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