Just One of Those Things, Just in Time for the Holidays

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Funny thing…  It’s hard to get blog posts out on a regular basis, when you pack up every single thing you own and move to a new house!  (The new house is only about five miles from the old house. But that minimal distance doesn’t really matter, when every single book one owns must go into a box…)

In any case, the move was successfully completed last week.  My office is still a shambles, so you don’t get pictures of it yet. But you do get something else: A new Mindy Klasky book in stores!


Fly Me to the Moon is the first volume in my new small-town romance series, set in the imaginary Shenandoah Valley town of Harmony Springs.  It’s a holiday story with real-world characters who have suffered real-world injuries. It’s a bit of a ghost story, with shades of Ebeneezer Scrooge haunting the edges. And it just might be the best romance I’ve ever written (if I do say so myself!)  Seriously. We authors aren’t supposed to favor one of our “children” over the others. But I really, really love this one.

Here’s the “back of the book” blurb:

Lexi Taylor never let herself be defined by the fire that burned her when she was just a kid. Now, she happily works at The Christmas Cat, a year-round holiday boutique. So what if she wears long sleeves to hide her scars? Who cares if her relationships don’t last long enough for a lover to see her damaged back?

Tom “Finn” Finnegan is one week out of the Army, fresh from Afghanistan. He vowed to visit the parents of J-Dawg, his best friend who was killed by a roadside bomb almost a year ago. But promises are easier made than kept—especially when J-Dawg haunts Finn’s dreams.

When he literally stumbles into The Christmas Cat, Finn shatters dozens of ornaments, not to mention Lexi’s peace of mind. The only way he can repay her is to take on handyman work in her store. But “other duties as assigned” takes on new meaning when sparks sizzle between the couple. Can Lexi and Finn find the key to healing each other’s scars as Christmas approaches in Harmony Springs?

And you can read the first chapter on my website: http://www.mindyklasky.com/index.php/books/passion/harmony-springs-series/fly-me-to-the-moon/

Are you ready to buy this ebook?  Here are links:

ibookskindle kobonook

(Fly Me to the Moon isn’t available in print — but that might change if enough people express an interest!)

So? Why don’t you take a break from holiday craziness?  Treat yourself to a bit of romance! And let me know what you think of Fly Me to the Moon!