A Baseball Love Story

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Once upon a time, I knew nothing about baseball or its distaff cousin, softball. (Insert sad story about being chosen last for every ball game in elementary, middle, and high school.)


Then I met my husband. Mark is a living encyclopedia of baseball. He studies Bill James’s Abstracts as bits of light reading. He was asked not to field any more questions at a Cooperstown Hall of Fame trivia contest because he knew all the answers. He lives, breathes, and loves baseball.

When we met, Mark’s team was the Red Sox. Because I enjoyed spending time with Mark, and because he was a patient teacher, I started to watch ball games on television.  (Baseball is an excellent knitting sport. There’s the perfect amount of time to balance between a complicated lace pattern and actual play on the field.)

Trot Nixon hit “my” first grand slam. Shea Hillenbrand hit “my” first walk-off home run. I recognized when Manny Ramirez got a haircut.  And I sort of, kind of, okay, really developed a crush on Jason Varitek.

When the Nationals came to town, we signed up for a partial season, attending 8 games at the decrepit old mixed-use stadium where they played.  Shortly after the Nats moved to a new park, we upped our ante, signing up for a quarter-season package, for 20 games. And as I watched the team’s fortunes rise and fall, I decided to write a book about baseball.

Okay. I decided to write nine books about baseball. The Diamond Brides romances were published in 2014–the first came was published on Opening Day and the last was published the Tuesday after the World Series ended.

Baseball provides the perfect setting for romance novels.  There are hot, alpha heroes, men who play games to win.  There are smart, independent heroines, women who are strong enough to stand alone for the long months of a baseball season. There are real conflicts, struggles that are made all the more challenging by distance, by the demands of the game, by outside pressures that send emotions into the stratosphere.

And I soon found that one of the best things about writing baseball romances was reading baseball romances.  I found lots of other women who were writing in the same genre. I fell in love with all sorts of baseball players on all sorts of teams.

So, when I decided to curate my very first book bundle, it made perfect sense to bring together some of those smart, fun (and often funny) women.  I considered the vast array of baseball romances out there. I sent out some emails. And the All-Star Baseball Romance Bundle was born.

Bundles are relatively new. They aren’t super-cheap boxed sets, created by the authors with an eye toward making a bestseller list. They aren’t anthologies of all-new short stories, designed to lure you into new-to-you worlds. Rather, they’re special deals offered by vendors like BundleRabbit who make DRM-free ebook copies available at a reasonable price.


Book bundles give all the power to you–the reader.

You decide how many books you want to read (at least five in the All-Star Baseball Romance Bundle, but as many as ten.)

You decide how much to spend (at least five dollars for the All-Star Baseball Romance Bundle.)

You decide whether you want part of your payment to go to a charity, First Book.  First Book’s sole mission is to get new books into the hands of underprivileged kids.  Simply by checking a box when you order, you can give part of your bundle payment to First Book–at no extra charge to you.

There’s a catch, of course.  The bundle will only be available for three weeks–until July 19.

The All-Star Baseball Romance Bundle contains two of my baseball romances.  If you choose to buy the first set of five books, you’ll get my Diamond Brides romance, Catching Hell.  If you choose to buy all ten romances, you’ll also get my Just One of Those Things, which tells the story of what happens when an alpha pitcher retires from the game and returns to his small hometown.

So?  Want to play ball?  Purchase your All-Star Baseball Romance Bundle today–and enjoy some of the best baseball romances out there for the rest of the summer!


But hurry.  July 19 will be here before you know it!