Bundle, Bundle, Who’s Got the Bundle?

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A few years ago, someone came up with a creative new marketing idea for media: the bundle.  There are lots of variations on the idea, but here’s the basic concept:


  • A number of items (books, apps, whatever) are pulled together by a vendor and grouped into “tiers”, which are available as electronic downloads.
  • Buyers can buy the first tier for a price they choose, above a set minimum.
  • (Sometimes, buyers can buy another tier if they beat the average price that has been paid by all earlier purchasers.)
  • Buyers can buy another tier for a higher price for a price they choose above a set minimum.
  • (Usually, buyers have the option of donating to a specific charity at no extra cost to them; the donation comes out of the money they’ve already spent.)
  • (Sometimes, buyers can choose what percentage of their price goes to the media creators and what percentage goes to the vendor.)
  • The entire offer disappears after a short time (typically, one to three weeks).

Bundles are exciting and dynamic.  They give creators a chance to reach a much wider audience, because the bundle is promoted by all the participating creators.  They give buyers a chance to get a unique set of media.  I’m participating in two bundles at the moment, with more on the horizon.

The Write Stuff 2016

This bundle is about the business of writing; my contribution is The Rational Writer: Nuts and Bolts. I’m participating with eight other authors (including one of my long-time favorite mystery writers, Lawrence Block!)  Together, the nine of us have more than 200 years experience in publishing, and we’ve published more than 500 books.  The Write Stuff 2016 bundle is only available until June 16, so get your copy today!



The Not Only Human Bundle

This bundle is completely different! It’s a collection of twelve novels, each of which features a non-human character.  My contribution is Fright Court, included because of its hero, the vampire James Morton.  The books include non-humans as varied as trolls, aliens, androids, and Bigfoot!  The Not Only Human Bundle is only available until June 15.  If you want to enjoy this great deal, act now!


I hope you enjoy either or both of these bundles.  There are lots more exciting projects on the horizon — I’ll share them all with you in due course!