Announcing The Rational Writer: A to Z

Posted by on July 19, 2016 in rational writer, recent | 2 comments

When I was a camp counselor, the word “announcements” was an invitation to the campers to start singing a thoroughly obnoxious song, drowning out any important information that was about to be shared.  I think I can trust all of you to let me say:  The Rational Writer: A to Z is in stores today!

KlaskyRational WriterAtoZ200x300

Last year, I published The Rational Writer: Nuts and Bolts, a book that included legal forms and spreadsheets, all appropriate for experienced writers.  When that book hit the stands, a number of people asked me what advice I had to share with newer writers.

And thus, The Rational Writer: A to Z was born.  It began as a series of blog posts, an “author’s alphabet” covering basic topics — what is an author? What is a book?

It grew into 26 mini-essays on writing, each with a career-planning prompt, encouraging writers to look at their own careers, their own goals, with an eye toward growing their professional lives.

Topics include critiquing, editing, networking through social media, writing a query letter, writing a synopsis, and much, much more!

And you can buy your copy today!




  1. Congratulations, Mindy! This looks terrific!

    • Many thanks!