Another Happy Bookday – REBEL LOST

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Once upon a time, I had an idea for a short story. It became “The Darkbeast” — exclusively available as part of the Mindy Klasky Virtual Cocktails starter pack.

That idea grew into a novel — Rebel Flight.  That complete story has a beginning, middle, and end. It’s about a child who rebels against the religion of her society, saving her best friend from certain death.

But publishers don’t like stand-alone novels. They want series. And when Simon & Schuster bought my first darkbeast novel, it bargained for two books in the series.

Which left me in something of a quandary, because I’d never really figured out what happens “the day after” the events in Rebel Flight. I had a vague notion of where Keara would end up in the very long run. And I knew the people (and animals) who would be with her on that journey. But I didn’t know which steps she’d take to get there.

Being a contrary sort of author, I decided to start with the unexpected. In Rebel Flight, Keara and Caw take to the Great Road, traveling far and wide, meeting many different people in many different places. I decided to start Rebel Lost in the exact opposite setting. I wanted Keara and Caw closed in. I wanted them confined. I wanted their options restricted.

And I started writing in winter, so I knew they’d be cold.

You can read the first chapter for free here. And the entire book is now available for sale:

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Do you like series books, or do you prefer stand-alones? If you like series, why do they appeal to you?