Registration Now Open – Intellectual Property Boot Camp for Writers

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The September 2017 Session of Intellectual Property Boot Camp for Writers is now open for registration!

The online course will begin on September 5, 2017 and finish on September 30, 2017.  During that time, new lessons will be posted approximately every other day.

The Intellectual Property Boot Camp for Writers is an intensive online course, designed to teach traditional-, self-published, and hybrid authors everything they need to know about United States copyright law, trademark law, and related topics.  Each lesson consists of detailed written instruction, with ample opportunity for each participant to ask questions in a Secret group on Facebook. At the conclusion of the session, students will continue to have access to the group for a minimum of one year. Specific lessons include:

  • Copyrights: Definition and Notice
  • Copyrights: Registration
  • Copyrights: Direct Infringement (Piracy)
  • Copyrights: Indirect Infringement (Derivative Works)
  • Copyrights: Using Others’ Copyrighted Work
  • Copyrights: Fan Fiction
  • Trademarks: Definition, Jurisdiction, and Notice
  • Trademarks: Use in Fiction
  • Related Topics: Trade Dress
  • Related Topics: Book Cover Design
  • Related Topics: Pseudonyms
  • Related Topics: Co-Authors
  • Related Topics: Estate Planning

Course materials include sample takedown notices, cease and desist letters, and contract terms.

Please note this course only covers United States law. I’m a lawyer, but nothing in this class constitutes legal advice for any student’s specific legal circumstances.

Register here:

Still not sure?  You can read more than a dozen articles I’ve published in Romance Writers Report, to get an idea of my writing style and the range of my topics.

Got questions?  Fire away in comments!

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