SF&F Binge Bundle

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(That’s the sound of me blowing dust off this blog. Well, I can’t really call it a blog, if I post as infrequently as I’ve been posting. So, instead, I’ll call it “News” and post when I have news to report. Like, um, today…)

Once upon a time, a bunch of writers got together and decided that they needed to fill the To Be Read shelves of all the readers in the world. So, they thought and they thought and they thought, and they decided to put together a bundle of books.  But that bundle wasn’t going to be just any bundle.  That bundle was going to be a bundle of bundles. A binge bundle.  A collection of boxed sets, collections of novellas, and anthologies of short stories, all representing different shades and flavors of science fiction and fantasy.

The authors thought, “How should we price such an amazing group of books?”

And they concluded, “Why don’t we let the buyer choose!”  So they decided to offer four boxed sets for $5 and ten boxed sets for $15.

Then, the authors thought, “What can we do to share the profits from such an amazing group of books?”

And they concluded, “Why don’t we let the buyers choose again!” So they decided to give a share of their profits to AbleGamers, a charity devoted to creating individualized technological solutions for people with disabilities who play games. (The authors decided to donate from their profits; they didn’t ask buyers to make a separate donation.)

So, what’s the catch?

The SF&F Binge Reader Bundle (which contains my three most popular books–Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft, Sorcery and the Single Girl, and Magic and the Modern Girl, all compiled as The Washington Witches Series, Volumes 1-3) is only available through August 10.

What are you waiting for?  Download your bundle today!

Click or tap on the image above, to get your Binge Bundle.  Or click here:  https://storybundle.com/bundle