Bid On Me!

Posted by on October 17, 2017 in contests, recent | Comments Off on Bid On Me!

Once upon a time, I used to do a lot of editing-for-hire. I don’t have time to do that anymore, and I hate, hate, hate telling prospective new clients that those doors are closed.

But here’s a bargain for someone!

Maryland Romance Writers are holding their annual auction. And I’ve agreed to critique 30 pages of a novel.

As of this posting, the bidding is at a paltry $10. I’m beginning to feel neglected. Unloved. Ignored.

You can bid on this prize for yourself. Or for a friend. Or you can share it with interested writers.

It’s for a great cause!  And I won’t feel sad anymore, when I see the bid number creeping up!

Make your bid here: