Merry Christmas Bundle!

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A funny thing happened on the way to our winter holidays…

First, I had a writing retreat that consumed a week of my time. Then, I had a long-anticipated vacation to New York City — full of hustle and bustle and seeing friends and eating way too much — resulting in another week gone. Then, I got a cold, resulting in — you guessed it — another week gone.

The result? It’s hard to realize that Christmas is just around the corner. It’s frustrating to think about all those things I want to do but might not have time to do — write cards, bake cookies, decorate the house…

It’s enough to make a person fall right, smack out of the holiday spirit.

But there’s a cure for that. You guessed it:  Reading holiday books. And that’s why this couldn’t be a better time for the  Christmas Cheer Bundle.

You choose how many books.

You choose how much to pay.

You choose whether part of what you pay benefits AbleGamers, an incredible organization that helps gamers with disabilities get personalized gaming equipment.

The only catch? The entire bundle disappears in less than two weeks.

So? What are you waiting for? Buy your bundle today. It’s the perfect way to raise your holiday cheer!

(Just so we’re clear — you can get my small-town contemporary romance, Fly Me to the Moon, along with my cozy paranormal story, “Dreaming of a Witch Christmas” (part of the Very Merry Christmas Bundle), along with dozens of other stories!)

Preview each book and then buy your bundle here:

Ho, ho, ho!

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  1. Love all the holiday choices. Thanks for sharing these!