For the past five years, I’ve published most of my books with Book View Cafe, an author-run publishing cooperative. BVC is a fantastic community; the 50+ members are all experienced authors with astonishing insights into writing, producing email and print books, marketing those books to the reading public, and generally going about the hard work of being a published author.

BVC has its own bookstore, where readers can buy .mobi (Kindle format) or .epub (most other e-readers) for the same price or less than books are sold at other online vendors. Each month, in addition to featuring our new releases, BVC offers a handful of books on sale.

And this month — starting today — I’m thrilled to announce that BVC is offering the best discount ever on the first three volumes of my Washington Witches Series. Yes. You can buy Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft, Sorcery and the Single Girl, and Magic and the Modern Girl — three full-length novels — for just $0.99.

How do you get this amazing deal?  Just click here.

But hurry, because this deal won’t last forever.

And while you’re in the BVC bookstore, check out the other books by my fellow cooperative authors!