If you followed me on Facebook, here’s what you would have discovered this past week:

I started to plan holiday baking, asking readers about their favorite treats.

I admitted that my favorite remedy for the common cold is probably only effective because I think it works, and I asked folks about their favorite psychosomatic remedies.

I announced that Harmony Christmas is on sale at Apple Books, along with tons of other great holiday romances (and that sale is still going on!)

I ignited a major discussion about the movie Love, Actually, and my disappointment in the fat-shaming that pervades the movie.

I described a fantastic Smithsonian class I attended, about the Medici and Florentine art.

I confessed my first baking fail in years, during the holiday baking that started the week…

Of course, there was tons of other chat over in the Virtual Cocktail Party, my private group for readers.  (New folks are always welcome!)