When I was writing GIRL’S GUIDE TO WITCHCRAFT, I took a research trip down to Colonial Williamsburg, to study the costumes poor Jane is required to wear in her daily work at the Peabridge Library. I *adore* Colonial Williamsburg — it’s like Disneyland for grown-ups, with history interpreters at every turn who are eager to share facts with visitors.

So, it’s no surprise that I also love the Colonial Williamsburg “Explore From Home” website, especially its interactive timeline that provides a deep dive on the Stamp Act.

They give a basic timeline, with links to focus on individual people, places, and things. And there are also links to look out on what was happening in the wide world at the same time. And, of course, the whole thing is illustrated.

I could browse for a few hours, without even realizing time had passed! Link below, to enhance visibility!