What were you doing, fifteen years ago today?

Me? I was putting the finishing touches on Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft, the first volume of my Washington Witches Series. I was about to hit “Send” to convey it to New York, where it was published by Red Dress Ink, changing my authorial life completely!

And today, I get to celebrate that anniversary with all of you! How?

I’ve issued the complete Washington Witches Series with all new covers!

I adore these covers because they convey the tone of the entire series—from Jane’s spunky approach to her powers to David’s stern attitude about warding. (And Neko! I always love Neko!)

And see those gold badges on each cover? They say, “15th Anniversary Edition.” But even more importantly, they say “All New Author’s Note.”

Every new book has a note from me—sort of a friendly, chatty afterword. In one book, I tell you how I came to write the entire Washington Witches series. In another, I tell you about my experiences with a group of mean girls all too like the Washington Coven. I share recipes and jokes and some of my favorite moments from the past fifteen years.

So, if you’ve already read the Washington Witches Series, consider getting a new copy, so you can enjoy both the new cover and my notes. And if you haven’t read the books yet, you can still join in the anniversary celebration!

To sweeten the deal, Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft is on sale for a limited time—only $0.99 on all ebook platforms!

You can see all the covers in more detail and read about each book in the series (including the entire first chapter of every novel for free!) by clicking on the link below.

Happy anniversary!