Many years ago, my family and I visited Chicago during a beastly hot summer. We’d had our hearts set on taking a walking tour of Oak Park, to visit a variety of homes and other buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. But we quickly realized we’d be courting heatstroke to do the walk.

Rather than despair, we decided to turn the walking tour into a driving tour. We navigated from site to site, stopping for a long time in front of each building to read about it in our guidebook. (Yes. Guidebook. This was before we had ready access to the entire Internet on our mobile phones!)

Today’s CoronaDiversion is a similar hack on a real-life visit to a Frank Lloyd Wright treasure. 

Wright’s Hollyhock House is a two-story home in Los Angeles. The house’s design makes it difficult, if not impossible, for mobility-impaired visitors to view a great deal of the building. To solve that problem, the City of Los Angeles’s Department of Cultural Affairs developed a virtual visit.

And guess what? We homebound folks can visit too!

Ready to explore?