Have you been freaked out by all those photographs of major world sites, with no people in the picture? You know, Times Square, empty. The Eiffel Tower, abandoned. The Roman Colosseum, isolated.

It was pictures of the Colosseum that reminded me of today’s Corona Diversion. I wanted to share with you an incredible virtual reality tour of Rome. We first saw it several years ago when it was in its infancy, available only on CDs and with numerous gaps in how users could manipulate it.

Now, Rome Reborn is available as an app, for use on any phone or computer. My, how things change.

Not surprisingly, there’s a charge for the full Rome Reborn apps (plural, because there are multiple apps covering multiple parts of Rome.)

But you can get a taste of the project, including various tours of Ancient Rome, through the Khan Academy. (You won’t get full functionality, allowing you to travel wherever you want to go. But you can take a pretty astounding guided tour!)

What? You don’t know the Khan Academy? They began as a resource for teaching mathematics to kids (for free.) But they’ve expanded into a number of instructional modules. You have to register, but the registration is free!

Ready to take a trip to Ancient Rome?