I wanted to start this post with a snappy headline, something funny or punny about being an American. But the more I tortured words, the more I realized that anything I had to say would be inappropriate, to describe the Americans exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian.

That exhibit is one I’ve wanted to get to for the past few months. And, of course, I hope to still get there, before it closes. But the curators have done an amazing job of bringing the exhibit online.

What’s it all about?

Native Americans comprise 1% of the US population. And yet images of Native Americans occur throughout our society—as logos for household products, as corporate names, as school logos, and in countless other uses.

The Americans exhibit explores those images, along with myths and legends about native people interacting with white settlers.

Ready to explore? You’re almost guaranteed to learn something new. And even if you don’t learn new facts, you’ll be sensitized to images in an invigorating new way.