A couple of years ago, I was driving home from a writing retreat in a Pennsylvania state park. I’d left the cabin early, because I had a 10:00 meeting back home. The winter-fallow Pennsylvania fields were covered with frost, and an overcast sky looked like steel.

As I drove, I thought about my retreat-mate, who was still sleeping in her room when I left. In one of those authorial flights of fancy, those thoughts that flash so quickly you can’t really be sure you didn’t dream the entire thing, I imagined getting a phone call from the park rangers, asking me to turn in the cabin key. When I told them my retreat-mate was supposed to have done that, they told me they had no record of my fellow writer. Further investigation revealed that she was missing, as if she’d never joined me for a week of frantic writing.

None of that happened, of course. My retreat-mate woke up a couple of hours after I did, and she made her way home without any untoward event.

But I started thinking. I started plotting. I started putting together the novel that eventually became The Woman Who Lied. And today, that book is available for you to read, as an ebook and a print book!

(Don’t worry. No actual authors were harmed in the making of this novel.)

What’s it all about? Here’s the back-of-the-book blurb:


The Woman Who Lied by Mindy Klasky

Here’s the back-of-the-book blurb:

What would make you mad enough to kill?

Jess Fox breaks the rules. She’s a self-published author of wildly popular erotica, writing exactly what she knows. Her frank words make rough men blush. She sleeps with any person she desires. She’s been powerless before, and she’ll do anything not to feel that way again.

Now she longs to be accepted as a legitimate author. And when she meets Rachel Hanley, an international bestselling novelist, she recognizes her meal ticket. Rachel’s tense thrillers are popular enough to support her entire hometown, but she’s recovering from a traumatic brain injury and she needs help.

Jess sees a chance for control. She becomes Rachel’s intern, caregiver, and writing partner. Both women go on a writing retreat at a remote forest cabin. Soon, one of them is dead, floating at the foot of a waterfall.

But which woman died?

And which woman lied?

If you can’t get enough of psychological thrillers by Gillian Flynn, A.J. Finn, or Ruth Ware, then step inside Jess’s mind and get ready to bargain for your life.

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