My short story, “Changing of the Guard” is available in the brand-new anthology Black-Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day, which releases TODAY!
The “back of the book” blurb for the anthology says:

2020 wasn’t kind to any of us, was it? (And 2021 is off to a shaky start at best!) Pandemic, economic collapse, out-of-control wildfires the world ’round, ice storms, murder hornets…and that’s without even discussing politics.It’s time to send some good energy out there into the world. Good luck, good wishes, good magic, talismans and rituals and lucky charms—you name it, we’ve got it here.

BLACK-EYED PEAS ON NEW YEAR’S DAY is a multi-genre anthology focused on hope. Here you’ll find more than a double dozen tales—fantasy, science fiction, literary, even nonfiction—that will bring a smile to your face and some optimism to your heart.

After all, we’re all in this together. (Except the murder hornets. They’re not welcome here.)

“Changing of the Guard” is a fantasy story about hope and healing. It rose out of a writing prompt to tell a story from an unexpected narrator (in my case, a tree) — and I think it’s my very favorite, among all the short stories I’ve ever written.
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