I’m baaaaack!

For the first time in my writing career (and I’ve been writing full-time for thirteen years!) I took a complete break from my day-to-day schedule.

Not a vacation—I’ve taken those, for a few days here, a week there, once for two whole weeks. On vacation, I still think about writing, and I often jot notes to myself for one book or another.

This break was six entire weeks. No outlining. No editing. No writing.

I wasn’t as lazy as this post makes me sound. I had a total hip replacement on the first day of my break. And I spent the first week doing an awful lot of sleeping (including dreams where I thought I was running through fields, shouting words like, “XJWBZQR!” which apparently meant, “I’m free! I’m free!”) And I devoted a large portion of the other five weeks to physical therapy.

I did read a lot—a book every couple of days (which, for this slow reader was a joy!)

And now, I’m back. Refreshed. Eager to work. On a cane, but only part of the time (and I hope to be off it completely in a month or so.)

And I’m deep into final edits on The F Word, which I look forward to sharing with you next month!